San Marcos, one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, is located on I 35 in the middle of the growth corridor running from Austin to San Antonio.  Only 35 minutes from Austin, 50 minutes from San Antonio, and 3 hours from Houston and the Gulf of Mexico, San Marcos enjoys the benefits of nearby big cities but with only a small fraction of their traffic.  

The Old Mill complex is located on the rapidly growing north side of San Marcos, just ¼ mile from I 35 and 1 mile from Texas State University.  Thousands of apartments, as well as residential housing, have been built near The Old Mill.  The area around the Old Mill is still known as Millview based on its historical past.

The Old Mill was designed to serve a wide variety of business/office needs and warehousing.  One of its many unique features today are several full-size historic rail passenger and freight cars parked between the very active Union Pacific north-south tracks and the main Old Mill building. 

 Location Map



The San Marcos Mill was such an important development that even today a whole section of town near the Mill is still known as Millview East and Millview West.

Explore the Old Mill area, primarily to the north and south,  on this satellite view to see why it has become one of the most densely populated areas of San Marcos.  Note, construction in the Mill Street Shopping Center was taking place when this satellite image was captured.